Khalilah Starks, Founder of High Powered Professional

I am over the moon excited to write my very first post in several months.  I’ve had such overwhelming support for High Powered Professional and have been asked on several occasions when I would resume my blogging activities.  Well, I’m back!!!

It’s been quite a long time since I posted with consistency or worked on anything High Powered Professional related.  Why? I landed an awesome career opportunity using the same techniques that I discussed in my blog that required my dedicated attention and focus over the past several months.   Yes, my own advice paid off!  However, as a person who is passionate about helping people reach their maximum career potential, I couldn’t stay away.  When passion calls, I simply have to answer.  What drives me to continue are your stories of professional success and the value that High Powered Professional has contributed to that success!

During my time away from High Powered Professional, I’ve experienced new things and learned new career strategies that I can’t wait to share.  Starting this week, I’ll be back at it, providing you with job search and career development advice to elevate your career potential.  For those of you who are new to High Powered Professional – Welcome!!!  There are lots of job search and career development focused articles that have already been written which remain relevant in today’s employment market.  So, take a look around!

Again, it’s great to be back.  And, I look forward to providing career elevating advice and hearing your thoughts that relate to your own personal career journey.

Of course, I can’t leave you without a High Powered Professional tip to think about.

My tip: Companies never stop marketing their products.  And, you shouldn’t either. You are your number #1 product.  Therefore, you should always self-market.  But, self marketing isn’t just about sending out resumes.  It’s getting active on LinkedIn, blogging, social networking, speaking on professional panels, creating a professional website to feature your work – letting your professional peers and external network know what you have to offer!  So, I challenge you to think about what you will do to market and demonstrate your skills and accomplishments, even if you’re not currently searching for a job.  It’s all about strategically setting yourself up for future success!

Khalilah Starks
Founder, High Powered Professional