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By Khalilah Starks

Change is challenging. You probably have an amazing idea about something that you want to pursue or something different that you’d like to experience in your life.  Maybe it’s starting your own business. Maybe it’s breaking into a new profession that you’re certain will be more rewarding than your current profession.  Maybe it’s a lifestyle change that includes adopting healthier lifestyle habits.  Whatever it is, there is a part of you that will do everything in its power to prevent change.  That part of you will resist the becoming of your best self  – even though it’s totally good for you. It’ll come up with excuses. It’ll tempt you to procrastinate.

You may not know this, but we all possess survival mechanisms that are within us to preserve and protect the status quo in our lives. In many situations, this is good for us.  However, it’s not so helpful when we’re trying to change something for the better.  That’s why change is so difficult. That’s why new year’s resolutions are so hard to keep. In fact, most people give up on their resolutions within the first couple weeks.

It’s quite probable that as you take a few steps towards achieving your dream or goal, your comfort zone will start calling you. You’ll be tempted to answer the call and take a few steps back.  But, as hard as it is to not answer, you can absolutely hit the ignore button and keep it moving.  You have the power to make a decision to ignore the comfort of doing the same things that you’ve been doing that don’t align with your goals and to push through into action.

Even if you didn’t make the decision to push past the comfort yesterday, you can always make a different decision today.  It’s challenging.  It’s uncomfortable.  I’ve been there.  We’ve all been there. Just know that there’s a part of you that will resist whatever you’re trying to do in the beginning – even if it’s the best thing that you could ever do for yourself.  If you will just decide to push through and overrule that tiny voice, it’ll get easier and easier.

Make the decision to act today. Even if it’s something small. Make the decision to do something different that will create the change that you’ve been wanting in your life.  Go ahead and shake some things up today.  Your future self will thank you. 🙂