Khalilah Starks

To All Of My High Powered Professional Friends:

Happy New Year!! The new year is an amazing gift. It’s an opportunity to push the restart button. Of course, you can push the restart button at any time of the year. But, the energy and optimism that the new year brings just makes it the perfect time. Personally, I’m looking forward to blogging regularly in 2016 and connecting with all of you! It’s been so nice to receive such great support and feedback on my recent posts! Thank you so much! 

My hope for you is that you dream big and believe in your dreams in 2016!! My hope is that you decide to take massive action towards your dreams with unwavering faith and determination. As you move your feet in the direction of your dreams, you will surely be met with the support and resources that you need to keep going. Just believe it. If there’s an idea or career goal that you’ve been thinking about, now is the time to stop thinking about and just do it. If there’s something that you’ve talked yourself out of, now is the time to talk yourself back into it.

Have an amazing 2016! I look forward to connecting with you in this new year!

–Khalilah Starks