By Khalilah Starks

What many people fail to realize is that the interviewing process is not just an opportunity for the company to make a hiring decision, it’s an opportunity for a job seeker to determine if the company is right for them. Many job seekers are so happy to get the interview that they place most of their emphasis on getting the job without considering if the job is right for them. There’s nothing worst than landing a position only to become miserable 6 months later. So, just like the company has their carefully selected questions prepared for you, you have should have questions prepared for them that will allow you to assess the opportunity and determine if it’s right for you.

You should ask questions that will allow you to get an accurate picture of the company’s culture, position, upward mobility, and anything else that is essential to your professional happiness. You’ll be happy that you got the information that you needed to make an informed decision later. An added bonus to asking great questions is that it shows the employer that you’ve done your homework and have a genuine interest in the position and company.

Below is a list of questions that every savvy job seeker should be asking:

• What will be the key responsibilities for the person who steps into this position?
• Can you describe your ideal candidate for me?
• Whom will I report to?
• How would you characterize your management style? (if interviewing with your prospective boss)
• What is your management philosophy?
• What is the typical career path of employees within your function?
• What type of training is offered to employees?
• What are your organization’s key challenges?
• What are the department’s key challenges?
• What do you love about working for XYZ Corporation?
• What are the 90 day expectations of the person who is offered this position?
• If offered this position, what projects or tasks will be most critical to focus on in the beginning?
• How would you describe your organization’s work culture.